What All Should Be Serviced On A Car?

What All Should Be Serviced On A Car?

When it comes to routine maintenance, there are many different components of a car that need regular maintenance. A good way to keep these components in good condition is to replace them when they wear out. Here are some of the most important parts that should be replaced when you take your car to BMW service center in Dubai. Checking the air filter, oil, and transmission fluid is a good place to start. Checking the battery is another important component of a car’s routine maintenance.

Checking the air filter

In addition to changing your engine oil, you should also check the air filter on your car every three to five thousand miles. Depending on the make and model of your car, the filters on your engine may be made of different materials. If they are made of paper, you can use a light to test them. In some cases, it is also possible to check the condition of the air filter by simply driving the vehicle. Then, replace the air filter as suggested by the manufacturer.

Checking the oil

You can easily check the oil in your car by using a dipstick, which is usually located near the engine. The level should fall halfway between the minimum and maximum marks. Before checking the oil level, make sure you park your car on a level surface and wait 10 to 15 minutes before starting the engine. It will also be helpful if you wait a few minutes before starting the engine to allow the oil to settle.

Checking the transmission fluid

To check the transmission fluid level in your car, you need to start the engine. Let the engine warm up before checking the fluid level. Some car manufacturers recommend shutting the engine down before checking the transmission fluid. Locate the dipstick and look for a red or orange ring on the handle. It is typically located near the transaxle, while the dipstick for rear-wheel drive vehicles is located toward the back of the engine.

Checking the battery

Before you start testing your car battery, make sure you have it unplugged and at room temperature. Then, take a multimeter and measure the voltage. The ideal open circuit voltage for a battery is 12.8 volts, and if you see anything less than this, your battery is in danger of running out of charge. In addition, low battery charges can damage the battery’s capacity due to sulfation.