Things To Consider Before Opting For Stem Cell Hair Therapy

Things To Consider Before Opting For Stem Cell Hair Therapy

The process for a hair loss stem cell transplant or microneedling is not as complex as it sounds. A doctor will combine concentrated stem cells and your growth factors to inject the cells into your scalp, reactivating dormant cells. Because there is no downtime after the treatment, patients can begin seeing improvements in hair loss and new hair growth as soon as the procedure is completed. Using highly concentrated stem cells, the effects of treatment can continue for months.

Consider the side effects of stem cell hair transplants:

While side effects of stem cell hair transplants are minimal, the procedure can cause some discomfort. The patient may experience redness, swelling, or irritation around the donor site and scalp. This is often temporary, and the patient should be able to resume daily activities after a few days. The procedure can also cause scarring where the fat is removed. Some patients have reported infections or bleeding after their treatment. Hair cloning can also cause cells to become cancerous. There is very little information on the possible side effects of stem cell hair transplants.

Some patients have reported low platelet counts after undergoing the conditioning treatment. These low platelet counts can cause easy bruising or bleeding gums. Some patients may need platelet transfusions to restore normal platelet counts. Other side effects may include difficulty sleeping or excessive bleeding after the treatment. There are many possible risks associated with stem cell hair transplants, and there is no guarantee that you will experience any of them.

Consider the effects of stem cell microneedling:

The procedure involves making contact with the scalp via a roller. This roller moves along the scalp, aiming at the areas of hair loss. Each needle creates a small injury. Several microneedles may be used for the scalp in different areas. Microneedling is effective for several problems, including hair loss. Some people may experience side effects after this procedure. Generally, it is not painful. However, the procedure can cause scarring.

Look for requirements for the treatment:

To begin, patients must undergo two sessions of stem cell hair therapy to see results. During the first session, doctors will look at the scalp for healthy hair follicles. They will then extract several hundred hair follicles and process them in the laboratory. The follicles will then be cultured artificially for two to three weeks. Once they have been properly cultured, the cells will be inserted into the balding area of the scalp using microneedles.