The Basic Aspects To Consider When Starting A Construction

The Basic Aspects To Consider When Starting A Construction

There are many aspects to consider when starting a construction project, but it is essential to understand the basic concepts of construction before embarking on a project with the help of construction companies in Dubai. Listed below are a few of the most common, and the most important: Costs, Quality, Planning, and Learning by doing.


Several factors affect the construction costs of a new home. Overheads include the cost of materials, labor, and contractor insurance. A construction company must account for these costs as part of its bids. Profit margin is an important factor to consider when estimating construction costs. Many contractors include profit margins in their quotes. You can reduce this margin by keeping the price quote you get from the contractor’s office up to two percent.


Quality starts at the concept stage. The client or customer establishes the operational needs, and the quality factor is reflected in all phases of the project. The final product must be cost-effective and operate well. As the quality process continues, the project must be able to meet those demands. The total team must work towards a common goal and develop a plan to meet those needs.


The construction planning process starts with creating a pre-construction plan. This is a blueprint for the entire project, outlining a detailed timeline, scope, and cost. In this stage, each party must perform their roles flawlessly to complete the project on time, within budget, and to the highest possible quality. Project management involves the use of work breakdown structures (WBS) and organizational breakdown structures (OBS).

Learning by doing:

A fundamental principle of contextual learning is that learners will retain more of what they learn if they link it to personal experiences or examples. Teachers can draw analogies between various concepts and the outside environment to spark learners’ interest. They can also have learners use their senses to explain the concept. Then, they can compare their results with those of a larger group of students. Such an approach can result in increased retention of concepts for the entire class.

Problems with collaborating with clients:

While collaboration between a GC and a client is critical, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve. This kind of relationship affects everyone on the job site, from the client to the contractor. Even the smallest miscommunication can result in major headaches. To overcome this challenge, the GC and the client should set clear expectations.