How Couple Massage Benefits Your Relationship

How Couple Massage Benefits Your Relationship

Massage can be a great way to relax and reconnect with your significant other. According to licensed marriage and family therapists, massage sessions encourage couples to be present with each other. The process helps reduce cortisol levels and increase feelings of affection. And it’s not just for couples – singles can benefit as well. In addition to reducing cortisol, massage can help reduce stress and strengthen a relationship. If you are considering couples massage near me, be sure to go through this useful information.

Increases feelings of affection:

Studies show that couples who get a massage with one another communicate better than those who don’t. It may be because the physical expression of affection relieves stress and makes people feel closer to one another. Having a spa day can strengthen a relationship, but a spa day isn’t something everyone can afford or achieve. Luckily, there are other ways to improve your relationship.

It can be relaxing and help break up routines:

Another great reason to get a couples massage is that it can be relaxing and help break up routines. Often, couples have difficult times finding time for each other. Couples’ massage can be a great way to find time together without the distractions of work. They’ll feel like a million dollars afterward. And there’s nothing better than being with your significant other for an hour! And when the two of you feel the most connected, you’ll feel it twice as much.

Reduces cortisol levels:

Research shows that couples who get regular massages benefit from lower cortisol levels, better sleep, and more affection. These massages also help to raise levels of serotonin, a hormone that fights pain and reduces feelings of loneliness. Massage can even improve sex drives. Physical touch is also a great antidepressant, so couples who get regular massages benefit from improved sex drive.

Studies have shown that a regular massage session has significant effects on the stress hormone cortisol in women but not on men. In other words, the effect may not be as large as it would be in men. Further studies should compare the effects of male and female massages and whether the participants exchanged the massages. However, the current results are promising and show a clear connection between massages and improved relationship quality.